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ALPS Rapid MVT Carbon Spin Reel Seat Feature:
ALPS is the pinoeer on new material research and development,
we use Japan made “TORAY” carbon matrerial,
this is special for our reel seat design, light, strong and sensitive,
the most important is the high vibration conduction function,
this let you feel the fish before they bite!

The best comfortable reel seat on the world, ALPS design team have many years good experience to
develop a whole new reel seat , we name this reel seat “Rapid”, it means this reel seat is very light,
comfortable, and sensitive, let you have high speed and fast reaction for smart fish challenge.
• Ideal for:
• Lure Rod, Light Jig, Spinning, Ikada rod, light inshore boat rod use.
• Available in size 16 and 17(coming soon)
• Size 16 I/D=15.2mm, Length=133mm
• Size 16 available in 1K woven insert I/D=13.5mm
    TORAY Carbon
    1K Woven
    TORAY Carbon